The Witch uses only fine Belgian chocolate in her truffles, made with 100% natural vanilla and cocoa butter. The dark chocolate is a balanced, 55% cocoa with a mild bitterness and a fresh fruity note. The milk chocolate is a 35% cocoa with the perfect balance between sweet, milky and cocoa taste. The white chocolate is 28% cocoa with a vanilla flavour and notes of cooked milk. All flavourings used are natural.


Dark Chocolate

Diablo - chilli and tequila, rolled in cocoa and wrapped in red foil. Can be made as hot as you like.

Goddess - Cointreau and fresh orange zest

Dragon - preserved ginger, rolled in cocoa

Blue Moon - blueberries and honey, rolled in purple sugar pearls

Underworld - made with peanut butter, crunchy, sweet and salty.

Eclipse - mint flavour, rolled in cocoa and wrapped in silver foil

Sorceress - violet flavour, chopped crystalised violets, rolled in coloured sugar

Dark Angel - chopped, dried cherries soaked in cherry liqueur, wrapped in cerise foil

Dark Illusion - shot of espresso coffee with a little vanilla, rolled in coffee flavoured sugar and topped with a chocolate coffee bean

White Witch - flavoured with Malibu, rolled in coconut

Dark Art - dark chocolate blended with cream and blackcurrant puree with a slug of Sloe gin and a hint of raspberry

Voodoo - dark chocolate and cream ganache blended with banana and caramel sauce, with banana chips

Siren - the sweet, exotic flavour of mango, dusted with cocoa or rolled in finely desiccated coconut

Dark Venus - amaretto liqueur blended with ground almonds

Demon - rich, dark ganache blended with sweet, smooth hazelnut paste and dusted with cocoa


Tilly - raspberry blended with the delicate flavour of rose, dusted in pink truffle powder

Sea Breeze - lemon, mint and sea salt, cool and refreshing


Milk Chocolate

Aphrodite - rose flavour, with crystalised rose pieces, dipped in milk chocolate

Old Nick - a classic rum truffle rolled in chocolate vermicelli

Spellbound - hand made hazelnut praline combined with a creamy ganache

Baba Yaga - salted caramel vodka, rolled in chopped nuts


White Chocolate

Banshee - Irish cream liqueur, dipped in white chocolate

Lakshmi - flavoured with masala spice chai and rolled in white chocolate vermicelli 

Venus - amaretto liqueur, rolled in chopped almonds

Guinevere - lemon liqueur, rolled in hazelnuts

Enchantment - Creme Caramel liqueur rolled in chopped pecan nuts.

Illusion - shot of espresso coffee with a little vanilla, rolled in coffee flavoured sugar and topped with a chocolate coffee bean

Salamander - flavoured with cinnamon whisky, rolled in red and gold sugar crystals

Artemis - spiced maple liqueur and finely chopped walnuts or pecans, dusted with vanilla sugar and wrapped in foil