The Witch is always experimenting and adding new goodies to the menu.  Currently available are:

Salted caramelised nuts - cashews, walnuts, peanuts or mixed bags. Very moreish!

Marzipan - Egg free marzipan enrobed in milk, dark or white chocolate. 

Fondants - mint , rose and violet or fruity flavours. Can be dipped in chocolate.

Honeycomb - plain or dipped in dark, milk or white chocolate. Sweet, crunchy and chewy, this is also delicious crumbled as an ice cream topping

Traditional Turkish Delight - the proper stuff that takes a lot of time and love with not a speck of gelatin or a microwave in sight! 100% suitable for vegans. Rose, lemon, pistachio or a mixture. Sold by weight so order as much as you can scoff.

Nut Brittle - sweet, crunchy and glossy and smothered in macadamia nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, or classic peanuts. Have it naked or made even more delicious with a milk, dark or white chocolate robe. Sea salt flakes? Don't mind if I do!

Toffee and Caramels - hard and crunchy, soft and chewy, sweet and creamy, salty, chocolatey, nutty or fruity. The variations are endless. Message me with your preference or to find out what I'm making this week.

Montelimar - delicious nougat made like they do it in France! Full of nuts and dried fruit and can be dipped in chocolate. Contains egg white. 

5 Star Review from Fiona via Facebook -

"Just bought some yummy Montelimar nougat from Truffle Witch at the Fairy Craft Fair today. Packed full of pistachio nuts ad dried fruits, and chocolate covered."