Bespoke Wedding Favours

Choose from any truffle flavours or ask the Witch to create a flavour especially for you. Boxes are available in several styles, including classic ballotins, in a wide range of colours to compliment your chosen colour scheme. The boxes hold four, two or a single truffle. Transparent boxes for two, three or four truffles are also available. Have them decorated with ribbon or add your own. Alternatively, truffles can be provided for you to pack in your own boxes.


5 Star Review from Emma via Facebook -

"Absolutely fantastic, the taster box was more than we asked for and Ms witch was very  helpful when it came to picking boxes and wrapping to match our wedding colours."


Chocolate Buffets

Indulge your party guests with a buffet of delicious, freshly made truffles, filled chocolates or other delightfully delicious confections of your choice.  Great for celebrations of all occasions!  



Truffle Witch's favourite time of year! Seasonal goodies include...

 Pumpkin spiced fudge - made with fresh pumpkin puree

Jack's Spicy Balls - a creamy white chocolate truffle flavoured with seasonal spices and a healthy slug of Jack Daniels, rolled in chopped pecan nuts

Les Yeux Sans Visage - eyes, yes, eyes! Dark, milk or white chocolate scary eyes filled with crunchy hazelnut ganache

Trick or Treat Bags  - chocolate pumpkins, frogs, ghosts, witches, bats, cats and other terrifyingly tasty things


Halloween 2018 will see the addition of chocolate skulls!



Large Hollow Chocolate Eggs - can be made with dark, milk or white chocolate and can be filled with your choice of truffles or filled chocolates. Presented in gift boxes.

Mini Eggs -  filled with ganache 

Treat Bags - bags of chocolate bunnies, chicks, frogs etc

Small Eggs - filled with chocolate bunnies, chicks, frogs etc


5 Star Review from Paul via Facebook -

"OMG I've just eaten my Easter Egg and it's delicious. The chocolate is so smooth!"



Christmas Pudding Truffles - dark chocolate ganache blended with mixed berries soaked in Christmas Pudding liqueur

Chestnut and Brandy Truffles - chestnuts, cream and brandy blended with dark chocolate to create a rich, smooth truffle

Sherry Trifle Truffles - white chocolate ganache flavoured with Sherry Trifle liqueur and rolled in sparkly pink sugar crystals

Marzipan - egg free and available in a variety of flavours

Christmas Fudge - candy cane, pumpkin spiced and other seasonal flavours

Treat Bags - bags of mini Santas, snowmen, bells, stockings etc