Rich, sugary, creamy and just a little bit addictive!  New flavours will be coming this Autumn and Winter.


Flavours currently available are:

Vanilla - a traditional, crumbly, sweet fudge that melts in the mouth

Peanut Butter - rich, sweet and nutty

Chocolate and Ginger - made with crystalised ginger and dark Belgian chocolate

Orange and Pecan - crumbly fudge made with fresh orange zest and chopped pecan nuts

Crazy Mixed Up Fudge - our vanilla fudge recipe with honeycomb, butterscotch, popping candy and other surprise ingredients mixed in!

Coffee and Walnut - the coffee flavour balances the sweetness of this crumbly fudge

Brighton Rock - a soft, chewy fudge made with marshmallows, white chocolate and real seaside peppermint rock melted in. A little sticky but yummy!

Lemon Fudge - soft and sightly chewy, made with white chocolate, marshmallows and fresh lemon zest


Seasonal Fudge 

Spiced Pumpkin Fudge - deliciously Autumnal, made only with fresh pumpkin puree, no tinned stuff here!

Candy Cane - soft and slightly chewy, made with marshmallows, white chocolate and pieces of peppermint candy cane

White Chocolate and Cranberry - sweet and fruity